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Learning a new language

Saturday, July 7th, 2012

I have decided to learn a new language. Programming language that is. Not for anything to do with my job as a programmer. Mostly because I’ve been reading chromatic’s blog. Yes, it’s a Perl blog, but he’s been talking about using functional programming techniques in Perl. It sounds interesting. So maybe I should learn a bit more about functional programming.

After some investigation, I conclude Haskall looks too “Pure”. Anytime I hear that there is an inherently “wrong” way to do something, I check my wallet and head the other way. I don’t believe in pure anything especially when it come to programming. Use a technique when it is useful. Don’t when it’s not. (This includes you, objects). Also all of the examples seem to be pure math functions. Not as many everyday tasks are suitable to recursion.

Scheme I have seen frequently described as “a simple Lisp.” I’ll take the full strength version, thanks.

Clojure is JVM based. Meh. I buy the servers in my home (and work for that matter). I can specify the OS and hardware. I can recompile my apps if I need to. So the portability is not a plus. So I would get all of the penalties of byte-code and none of the advantages.

Looks like Common Lisp it is. Well, I’ve heard it is the greatest language ever. I think I’ll try it out. I know it’s not technically a real functional language, but it’s the granddaddy of all of the languages that are, and being somewhat flexible suits my tastes anyway.