One John’s problems

I often run into interesting problems in my work and in my play.  But finding solutions on the web can be challenging.  So I decided to start recording them so that if somebody else ran into them as well they might find them.  For the record, I am currently using Gentoo Linux, Apache, MySQL, and Perl at work, so I expect most of the problems to be related to one or more of those systems.  Also, I am not a writer.  So don’t expect wonderful prose.  But please leave a comment if it helps or if you think more clarification is needed.

One Response to “One John’s problems”

  1. jaroslav r. Says:

    i like your attitude :p
    i was able to solve one of my own problems using one of your posts (neqmail smtp softlimit). I doubt that i would, in a milion years, be able to solve it on my own. thank’s a lot, your efforts are appreciated.

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